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Blinker Fluid Original - Funny gag gift. Is Blinker Fluid Real? Well, it is now!

The front of the can reads "Blinker Fluid Original"

The blinker fluid bottle is white in color. 8oz Bottle - Total Height: 4.5", Width: 3.00" and Depth: 1.5".

The turn signal fluid bottle will arrive empty so you can fill it with your favorite beverage before giving it to someone who never turns on their turn signal. (water, gatorade, etc...)

Fill with any liquid to have a real look and feel of any auto fluid bottle.

The bottle is new and has never had anything inside.

So you can fill it with any beverage and have your friend drink it and tell them this drink will help them to remember to use their turn signals. (recommended to hand wash the bottle before filling with any drinkable liquid)

Makes a great white elephant Christmas Party item or a great secret Santa gift.

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