Can of Whoop Ass Can Wrap, Fits any standard 12oz Can, (can not included)

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Can of Whoop Ass, Funny gag gift vinyl cling wrap. (Can Not Included)

** Makes a Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer or White Elephant Party Gift ** -- Buy 2 and save on shipping --

The front of the can reads "Don't Make Me Open This! Whoop Ass, Extra Strength 100% Guaranteed" with a fist and a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed seal of approval.

The back of the can has a Warning Label: Use of this product may cause anger management issues, hair loss, tooth loss, an extremely large ego, bed wetting, nightmares, etc. Continued use may become habit using.

> The vinyl cling comes flat on the protective backing.

> Just peel from the paper backing and wrap it around any 12oz aluminum can.

> Give as a gift or threaten to open the can on your friends.

> Since it's a can of beverage that you supply you can open the can & down the beverage to let them know that you mean business.

The vinyl clings to clean aluminum cans without adhesive and is reusable. Just wrap it around the can. Fits any standard size 12oz aluminum can.

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