I Drink Beer Like Its My Job Coolie

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I Drink Beer Like Its My Job Beer Sleeve (Fits 12oz cans or bottles). 

Often referred to as beer sleeves, can insulators or coolies, this beer can cooler is a durable and lightweight drink holders made to keep your beverages cold and fresh while fishing, camping or grilling out.  

Choose from either:

  • Black Polyurethane Foam 4mm
  • Black 3mm Neoprene (wet suit material) 

The price listed is for one individual beverage cooler, but multiple coolies can be purchased.

Foam coolies are great for both keeping your hands warm and dry, while maintaining your beverage's cold temperature.

The foam coolie can lay flat so it can fit in your pocket, purse or bag while not being used.

We ship each via the USPS First Class or Priority Mail with Tracking ID.

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