Our Family Christmas Ornament including Pets (dogs and/or cats), Laser Etched Personalized Ornament

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Our Family Christmas Ornament including pets. (up to 6 names)

Indicate if pet is a dog or cat if including pets. *If you do not indicate a dog or cat then I will not put a pet symbol.

1. Year:
2. Use "Our Family" or add your Surname? (i.e. Tucker Family)
3. Names:
(i.e. Mom, Dad, Jenny-child, Roger-child, Midnight-dog, Fluffy-cat)

The more info you can provide will speed up the process. Thank you.


Perfect to decorate your own Christmas tree, or to gift to a family with children and pets (dogs and/or cats) as a unique, high-quality, handcrafted, eco-friendly Christmas gift. Packed beautifully in a clear resealable bag wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection.

INCLUDES: 1 custom wood ornament, 1 red or green ribbon, 1 clear resealable gift bag.

SIZE: Ornament measures roughly 3.75"-inches at the widest point and 5.25" tall.

MATERIAL: Made out of all natural birch.

FINISH: Clear coated with Shellac to protect the ornament and bring out the woods natural grain and beauty.

PERFECT to commemorate your loved one at Christmas.

Made in the USA.

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