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Cigarette Hard Keychain Case. 

This Can be personalized. (Name engraved on the back)

Ships Free!  Priced %10 lower than priced on etsy.

New Design (Apr 14 2021). The lid is now Black in color and is attached to the SmokeBox via a hinge and snaps closed. Just push up with your thumb to pop it open and push the lid down until it snaps shut.

Personalization is now available. Up to 8 letters on the back as shown in the pictures.

Ships in a box as shown in the last picture. IF you do not want a sticker on the shipping box then send me a message that you do not want the sticker and I will not put it on the box.

Never lose your lighter again.
No crushed cigarette packs.
No need to carry a full pack just to lose it or have people keep bumming them till your out.

2 Sizes:
6REG holds Regulars, Kings, Shorts or hand rolled & a full size oval lighter.
6100 holds 6 100's, Regulars, Kings, Shorts or RYO (roll your own) & a full size oval lighter.

We have tested the lid by opening and closing it hundreds of times. While it does snap closed it will wear over time and a replacement lid may be necessary. If so, just order a replacement lid and slide out the hinge pin, replace with the new lid and slide back in the hinge pin. It's very easy.

Super light weight @ just 1.4 ounces but extremely durable. Comes with the split metal key ring.

Perfect for Special Events where you only need a small amount of smokes like Football Games, Baseball games, Cruises, Concerts, a night out at the club, Work Shift, Bowling Leagues, Christmas Parties, Family Events, Weddings and more.

Fits comfortably in your pocket or clip it to your belt loop or key ring or clipped to a purse.
A round cylinder has been added to the cap for easy opening with your thumb.

If you want a different color cap than the base just send me a message when the order is placed.

Made of hard PLA 3D plastic. Made in the USA.

*** Makes a great Christmas Gift or Stocking Stuffer for any smoker ***

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