Shotgun Shell One Hitter Hard Hemp Case, Water Resistant Tobacco Case, Hard hemp case, Cigarette Box, Dugout 1 hit smoke case - Ships Free

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This 3 chamber hunters special SmokeBox dugout is a small and light weight way to hold a full size lighter, a 3 inch one hitter and hemp all in the same place.

At a glance it resembles a real shotgun shell. It's compact enough to fit in your gun case, pocket or purse which makes smoking away from home very convenient and discreet.

Dimensions: Overall height 3.5 inches, 1.65 inches diameter. 3/8 inch diameter (9.5mm) compartment for one hitter.

The twist cap makes the cap fit tightly and combined with being made of hard plastic and a 2mm rubber or foam gasket makes it water and moisture resistant. We have tested the SmokeBox by standing on it, throwing it across our deck and it holds up to nearly any test. It's strong and light weight.

I include a 2mm rubber gasket seal.

The cap is a twist cap and will not fall off. Just turn the cap one rotation and that's it. Never lose your lighter again.

No more wrapping your hemp and one hitter in aluminum foil. Super light weight at just 2 ounces but extremely durable.

Perfect for Special Events: Hunting, Fishing, Football Games, Baseball games, Cruises, Bowling, Concerts, a night out at the club, Work Shift, Christmas Parties, Family Events, Weddings and more.

Fits comfortably in your pocket or in your gun case.

Made of hard PLA 3D plastic. Made in the USA.

*** Makes a great Christmas Gift or Stocking Stuffer for any smoker ***

The dugout shotgun shell SmokeBox does keep moisture out and is water resistant.

Color: Red base with a gold color lid to look like a shotgun shell.

We print these on a 3D printer using durable PLA plastic filament. Each one takes 6 hours to make and they are are made to order so please allow 2-3 days to process.

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